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Pamela Supple

Pamela is an expert in the fields of Sex Therapy, Sexual Health, Relationship Therapy, Education and Counselling for Couples & Individuals. Pamela also works closely with Corporate CEO's, Executives and NGO’s implementing Personal and Business Holistic Wellbeing Strategies & Lifestyle Management Plans. Pamela is a leading professional in these areas of expertise. She is regularly asked by the Media to give an experts comment around many and varied aspects of her profession in Australia and Overseas. She is regularly asked to be a Guest Speaker and Presenter utilising her vast knowledge and expertise in providing entertaining and informative seminars for Private, Educational and Corporate events.

Director of Sex Therapy Australia

January 1995 – Present - Surry Hills, Sydney Australia
Pamela is a Leading Professional in her fields of Sex, Sex Therapy, Sexual Health, Relationships, Education and Wellbeing based here in Sydney Australia.   

Pamela’s initial training is in Holistic Counselling. Holistic Counselling and Philosophy is one area of importance and expertise within my career which I practice both personally and professionally. This holistic approach to life and work has enabled me to progress and expand into the many different areas of Counselling and Therapy that I offer within my professional practice. The results being a culmination of many years study, education and knowledge. Building on this fabulous resource has enabled me to create a solid base for Sex Therapy Australia to grow and expand to where it is today.

As an Holistic Therapist there are many areas within people’s lives that interlink and connect.  Therefore within my initial grounded training in Holistic Counselling, Holistic Therapies and Life Coaching I understand and recognise that a Holistic (philosophy) and Western (medical) approach is essential for ones healing, health, education and wellbeing.

Sex Therapy and Sexual Health is an area of utmost importance.  I have extensive education and training within these fields. I combine all my trainings to enable maximum benefit for you my clients to experience.  Sexual concerns may present at any time in either personal or relationship situations. Within the counselling context these concerns will be addressed. Concerns can emerge, which in turn can have an influence within your life context and how this presents.  As a Sex Therapist I am here to help you navigate, heal and move through this.  I am a keen advocate of safe, consensual, pleasurable, sex and relationships for everyone. I truly enjoy seeing people blossom and develop happy and connected sex lives for yourselves and your relationships.

Relationship counselling is for people either single or in relationship wishing to enhance your knowledge and skills to help you navigate through and around this sometimes difficult and complex area of one’s life.  Relationships and relationship dynamics change regularly.  This may result in great happiness or can create great distress.  Any concerns you have regarding your relationships will be provided with a safe and non-judgemental space for you to explore this.

As a Sex and Relationship Therapist I help you re-connect with yourselves, as a couple, friendships and workplaces plus any connections with individuals who you feel are an important aspect to your life's journey and discovery process.

As a Sex and Relationship Therapist I am continually updating, educating, re-skilling and maintaining supervision (with accredited supervisors) on a yearly basis in accordance with the Current Guidelines, Rules and Regulations associated within the fields of Sex Therapy, Sexual Health, Relationship Counselling and Mental Health.  These standards are set out by each Professional Governing Body to which I am currently Registered.