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Celeste Tripodi - Associate


Celeste is a Registered Psychologist with over 12 years experience. Her work is strongly influenced by Positive Psychology, which is the scientific study of positive emotions, actions, strengths and capacities that contribute to the development of success, happiness and wellbeing.

Celeste has performed counselling and psychoeducation with individuals, couples, same-sex couples and transgender people to help open doors of communication, manage conflict, cope with family dynamics, disclosure of an affair, explore gender identity, sexuality, polyamory and separation or divorce.  She is also experienced in helping people with a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem and body image issues.

Celeste is dedicated to perpetuating healthy and positive messages about sex and sexuality. She works to create an environment where people feel comfortable asking (and getting answers) to their most personal questions. Celeste empowers people to embrace their sexuality and challenge the impractical, and often unhealthy messages that we are often are exposed to.

Celeste provides consultation, therapy and counselling to individuals, couples and families to overcome their issues and concerns. She embraces clients with sexual diversity holistically inclusive of assigned sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, ethnicity, identity, lifestyles and expressions.

Celeste encourages honest conversation about sexuality and the role it plays in our lives. It is her desire to deliver a message of healthy sexuality and sex-positivity to the public that facilitates personal growth, empowerment, self-awareness and self-determination.

Celeste is a Registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) as well as the Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers & Therapists (ASSERT).

Psychologists are experts in human behaviour. They study the way that people think, feel, learn and behave and use this expertise to develop evidence-based strategies and interventions to help people overcome challenges and lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. 

Celeste can assist with the following:

Children and the media
Child sexual abuse
Chronic pain and illness
Domestic Violence
Drugs and alcohol
Eating disorders
Financial stress
Human rights
Indigenous Australians
Learning disabilities
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) issues Lifestyle effects on health
Relationship problems
Same-sex marriage
Sexual Well being
Sexualisation of girls
Social networking
Workplace issues

Professional services are provided in accordance with the Australian Psychologists Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.