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Relationship,  Individual & Couple Therapy

We are never given a complete road map with regard to our relationships and how to manage these. Relationships can be amazing and also infuriating. We are given many examples via family, friends and media of how to be or not be regarding these. This can result in blurred and unrealistic expectations or outcomes to which we try and achieve. This can then result in not necessarily having the faith or trust in our ability to grow and develop within current or future relationships.

We will all face at some stage in our relationships many forks, twists and turns with regard to our personal or joint happiness and wellbeing. It’s how we manage these that is the key. Your relationships are unique to you, your partner and family.

If children are involved in relationships here is another dynamic that can bring great happiness, chaos or both. It’s how we learn to navigate this. Again there is no manual for being the perfect parents or blended family.

Below are some examples -

Communication within relationships can be a concern. It’s not the communication itself, it’s how we do this that becomes an issue. As a result negative behaviours develop. These can be a lack of respect, trust, tone, avoidance and blaming, not listening, lack of empathy, anxiety also an unwillingness to alter communication techniques all contribute. The reality is no one likes to be around these types of communication.

Along with communication concerns, behaviours have a massive impact within relationships. Have you heard the saying “walking on egg shells”? The not knowing what to expect.  This behaviour can exist within the work place and between clients and business as well. The energy alone created by this behaviour creates tension and unease. This can be due to any of the above which in turn creates disconnection, discord and a decline in trust.

There are many reasons why relationships can find themselves in discord. This can be infidelity, jealousy, work concerns, stress, money, trust, respect, coercion, bullying, lack of intimacy, you’ve stopped having sex the inability to be fully present when engaging together and learned behaviours and beliefs from past and present relationships. Working together I help you identify repetitive patterns, learn skills to re-engage and manage conflict plus develop new life skills in becoming more mindful, pro-active, present, calm and connected.

It’s also great to know that relationships don’t always have to be in discord to access therapy. By taking a proactive approach with relationships and touching base regularly with your therapist will help maximise, nurture and encourage each other to become the best you can be. Having access to proactive, productive mediation and insights is a must do resource. Regular catch ups with your therapist is part of maintaining your relationship wellbeing. It’s like going to the doctor for regular health checks. It’s a fabulous resource for relationship wellbeing health checks. Maintaining a productive interest in keeping your relationships on track creates life balance, harmony, intimacy, less stress, respect and love flowing.

My approach with Relationship Therapy is proactive, solution focused, flexible and holistic. I have found a one size fits all approach with couples, singles or groups not flexible and productive in providing people with the skills and knowledge for change and movement. Having flexibility in creating life balance and harmony is what life’s about.

Two essential aspects of any relationship is respect and love. This is for yourself, each other and family. These are necessary for relationships to grow and flourish. If you are open to develop learning and growth specifically for your relationships and how to manage and bring back the connectedness and joy you would like please ring and make an appointment. It’s worth it.

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