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Welcome to Sex Therapy Sydney, Australia.

My name is Pamela Supple.  I am one of Australia’s known and respected Sex and Relationship Therapists, Educator and Wellbeing specialist with a passion for what I do. I provide a space for you to relax, enquire and receive assistance with anything you wish to know regarding Sex, Relationships and your Wellbeing.

Having access to reliable, professional and educational Sex, Relationship and Wellbeing therapy is the best way to understand Sex and Relationship’s. All knowledge you gain will assist with creating personal and interpersonal skills and dynamics to understand and explore yourself and relationships. This will become a rewarding experience. Taking a solution focused and proactive role in assisting you to develop these connections regarding yourself and relationships and how you may experience this, is what I provide here at Sex Therapy Sydney Australia.

Working together, I will provide you with information and skills to transform, create and maintain sexually fulfilling, happy and pleasurable connections with existing relationships, as a single person or however you would like this to be. Sex, Relationship and Wellbeing therapy will improve many aspects of your life. Outcomes include – intimacy, great sex, fun and laughter, bonding, life balance, communication and great wellbeing. I offer tailor made sessions to suite your individual needs either as a couple, single or group dynamic. I provide the latest in Evidence Based Research, Client Centred, Holistic Health and Wellbeing Counselling, Coaching and Therapy. Consultations are available via Face-to-Face, Skype & telephone locally, nationally and internationally. Contact

Sex, Relationship & Wellbeing Therapy helps you gain a better understanding for yourself and relationships. In return this leads you back on track to where you can keep celebrating life, have great sex and relationships in ways you once felt and will experience as this new and exciting chapter unfolds.

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